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Financial Management
The Financal Management Department delivers billing and payment services for residents including utilities (i.e. water, sewer, curbside residential garbage collection, curbside recyclables collection), business licences, cemetery, and bulk water. It also oversees accounts payable, accounts receivable, and is responsible for all accounting and financial reporting functions for the City of Lloydminster and affiliated companies.

Services Reports
Accounts Payable and Receivables
Business Licences



Utility Billing

Accounts Payable Reports


Financial Reports

Monthly Travel Expenses

Sole Source Agreements

Summary of Financial Statements

Operating Forecast- June 2017

Payments via credit card:
The City of Lloydminster has set up a credit card payments service with PlastiqPlastiq is a Canadian-born company that enables consumers to send payments via credit card to pay property tax and utility bills with the City of Lloydminster. Plastiq charges the credit card of the end user for both the principal payment and an additional 2.5% fee.

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Making payments with Plastiq is similar to any other online credit card transaction. The City of Lloydminster does not accept credit card payments for property taxes in person. This service is provided for the convenience of City of Lloydminster residents. The City of Lloydminster does not endorse these services.

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Brooke Fair
Manager, Finance
P: 780 875 6184 Ext.2612

Adele Wakaruk
Manager, Capital Assets
P: 780 875 6184 Ext.2138