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Cart Placement
For successful curbside collection, follow these easy steps:
check.JPG  Have your cart out by 7 a.m. on your collection day.
 Place your carts so that the wheels are to the curb (facing forward).
check.JPG  Be a good neighbour. Do not park in front of carts and blue bags until they have been collected.
 Keep your carts one metre (an arm's length) apart so the truck's robotic arm can grab it.
 Ensure that the lid is fully closed. Overflowing carts not be emptied.
 Extra bags outside the cart, except for blue bags, will not be picked up. Loose material will not be collected. 
 Residents can take excess garbage bags to the Lloydminster Sanitary Landfill free of charge.

Placement of carts is important!
The automated arm on the truck can only operate if it has enough clearance to manoeuvre:

cart placement

cart use