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Welcome to the City of Lloydminster PDF Maps page. Before downloading any of these maps please read the disclaimer below.  

Map Scales:
1-10000      City Level, low detail
1-3000        Neighbourhood Level, higher detail 

1-10000 Neighborhoods Map 
1-10000 Basemap
1-4000 Civic Address
1-10000 Legal Subdivision Plans
1-3000 Lot Dimensions and Civic Address

Street Network
1-10000 Single Lone Road Network
1-20000 Winter Maintenance Priorities
1-20000 Sidewalk and Trails Snow Removal

Underground Utilities
1-10000 Easement and ROW
1-10000 Sanitary System
1-10000 Storm Sewer System
1-10000 Water Distribution System

Planning & Development 
1-10000 Zoning
1-10000 Future Land Use Plan

Community Services 
1-10000 School and Park Sites

Economic Development & Tourism 
Tourism Map

Emergency Preparedness
1-10000 Public Evacuation Routes

 City of Lloydminster maps are illustrative only. 

The City of Lloydminster offers this information in good faith, but makes no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, with regard to the correctness, accuracy and/or reliability of the data. Do not rely on these maps as being precise indicators of feature locations, measurements, routes, or navigation.

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