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City Hall Park Entrance
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Welcome to the Geomatics Group Page. The Geomatics Group leverages new technologies to dynamically create maps and provide services for the City. The Geomatics Group uses the Autodesk software suite to provide data in a number of different formats and provides templates free of charge. Any charges, where applicable, are only intended to recover the production costs for supplies and/or delivery. Many services, such as the interactive and downloadable digital maps, are provided free of charge. 

Interactive LloydMap
The Interactive LloydMap provides you with access to Lloydminster's most current geographic data in a map you can search, customize, or print.
Information includes: Lloydminster streets, parks, underground City utilities, facilities, golf course, trails and aerial photography. 

Downloadable Maps 
Maps are available in Adobe PDF format for download.

Paper Maps
Hard copy, paper maps are available for purchase and can be obtained either at City Hall or via mail shipment. 

Digital Data/Maps
City of Lloydminster can provide maps in various GIS and CAD formats.

Contact Us
Geomatics Group
Ph: 780-874-3700