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Animal Safety and Pest Control

Domestic Animal Bylaw

The Domestic Animal Bylaw protects the welfare and safety of both animals and residents within the City of Lloydminster. Based on substantial community feedback, the Domestic Animal Bylaw was created to replace the previous Animal Bylaw.

Key points from the Domestic Animal Bylaw include:
  • All dogs and cats residing in the City of Lloydminster must be licensed at six months of age. 
  • When visiting public areas, owners must keep their animal under physical control.
  • Pet owners are to ensure that their pets do not roam freely beyond their property. Collars and license tags must be worn by the dog or cat whenever the animal is not on the owner's premises. While it is not mandatory, breakaway collars are the preferred collaring system for all pets, particularly cats.
  • No residence may have more than five dogs, five cats, or any combination thereof. This number of allowable pets ensures the safety and wellbeing of animals throughout the city.
  • Owners are responsible for immediate cleanup and disposal of any pet waste in public areas.


Annual Licensing Fees for Cats & Dogs
 Spayed / Neutered $30
 Non-Spayed / Non-Neutered $60 
 Replacement License  $10

The Lloydminster SPCA encourages pet guardians to spay or neuter their pets. Please keep in mind first time applicants will be required to provide a Veterinarian Certificate to confirm the pet has been spayed or neutered.

Want your furry friend to run free in a safe environment? 

Pet Licensing

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Where to Purchase a Pet License

Lloydminster & District SPCA
780 875 2809

Lloydminster Animal Hospital
780 875 5733

Weir Veterinarian Services
780 875 2281
Southside Veterinary Clinic
780 872 7387

If you Lose your Pet

  1. Complete a lost report, do so by calling the SPCA at 780-875-2809 or by filling out a lost report online by clicking here
  2. Visit the Lloydminster & District SPCA at 62 Avenue & 67 Street and check with local vet clinics. 
  3. Ensure your lost pet report remains on file until your pet is found. All Lost Reports are checked each time a pet is brought into the facility.

If you Find a Lost Pet

  1. Complete a found report by clicking here.
  2. Contact the City of Lloydminster Bylaw Services at 780-874-3710. Bylaw Services holds lost or stray pets at the Lloydminster & District SPCA under the Domestic Animal Bylaw. 
Our goal is to return missing pets with their owners. Following a waiting period, if owners cannot be located and pets are left unclaimed, these animals are put up for adoption.

Pest Control

If you have a problem or inquiries regarding pests, please contact us during regular business hours.

For Fish and Wildlife:

Alberta call: 780-871-6495
Saskatchewan call: 306-825-6430

Report a Concern