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Lend a Hand, Reduce Demand
June 3 - 7, 2017

The City of Lloydminster will require cooperation from residents and businesses to conserve and restrict water during a system maintenance project occurring Saturday, June 3 until Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

The City of Lloydminster will not have access to water from the North Saskatchewan River while important maintenance work is completed. To ensure the community’s most vital water needs are sustained through the shutdown, the City of Lloydminster is calling on all residents and businesses to minimize demand on the municipal water system.

We need residents and businesses to respect that we have a limited amount of water during the maintenance shutdown and that all non-essential water usage be must suspended until the work is completed,” said Alan Cayford, Director, Operations. “After reviewing usage data from previous years, we are confident our reserves can accommodate Lloydminster’s basic water needs until river access is restored.

Non-essential water usage includes:

  • Watering trees, shrubs or lawns including timed water irrigation
  • Cleaning and filling hot tubs, pools and ponds
  • Washing vehicles, driveways, sidewalks, houses or pathways

As per Bylaw 206-2016 reported water waste may result in fines and your water being temporarily shut off.

To report potential water waste please email.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I wash my vehicle?
No, the washing of vehicles at home is not permitted. Additionally, washing of pathways, driveways and houses is considered non-essential. Commercial car washes will be open.

Do I need to stock up on bottled water?
No stocking up on bottled water is not necessary, tap water for drinking is considered essential. 

Is private well water use permitted?
In 1982 and 1983 permits for wells within Lloydminster where issued, those who still make use of these wells can continue to do so.
What happens if the City runs out of water?
The City will not run out of water, usage is monitored very closely and if usage accelerates beyond our calculations, further water restrictions will be put into place.  

Can I fill up my hot tub?
No, filling of hot tubs, pools, water features is considered non-essential and is prohibited during this time.

Will the water quality be OK?
Water quality will not be affected.

Are Schools Still Open?
Yes, school usage was considered in the calculations and is considered essential.

Are businesses also being asked to conserve or reduce water?
Yes, this is a community-wide restriction.

Will my Water Pressure Change?
No, there will be no change in the pressure or quality of your water.
Why are we conserving water, what maintenance is being completed?
Electrical maintenance is being completed at the river intake, in its 35 year lifespan this has been the only maintenance required.

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