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All requests for proclamations are directed to, and processed by, the Office of the Mayor.

1) A request for a proclamation should meet at least one of the following criteria: 
        a) The sponsoring agency be a charitable organization
        b) The cause be one of national significance; 
        c) The cause be one of benefit to the majority of Lloydminster residents; 
        d) The cause be an initiative within the City of Lloydminster.

2) Requests with commercial or political overtones will not be considered.

3) Requests for proclamations to support a cause, which is contentious or divisive within the community,
    will not be considered.

4) Consideration will be given in cases where a precedent has been set by a previous proclamation, as long
    as it meets one of the criteria above.

5) The person making the request must submit a copy of the proposed proclamation. A sample proclamation
    is posted on our website for you to review.

6) All requests for proclamations shall be submitted to the office of the mayor for approval at least two 
    weeks prior to the proposed date for the proclamation.

7) There shall be a member(s) of the organization attending a Council meeting prior to the week being
    proclaimed. Each organization is responsible for the media being present at this time.


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