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Corporate Plan
Message from the City Manager:

City Council has developed a roadmap of where we are heading, and our team is excited to move forward and execute on their priorities through our 3-year corporate plan and our annual business plans. Our documents were created with residents, partners and our team in mind. It is a living, breathing document to be interacted with on a daily basis, and will be the main tool used to inform tasks and decisions.

With the implementation of these plans, we will be in a better position to proactively manage challenges and leverage opportunities in an ever-changing municipal world.

The City’s mission, vision and values provide the framework for the plan’s 4 strategic priorities: Strong Relationships, Vibrant City, Sustainable Infrastructure and Healthy Financial Position. The plans clearly articulate priorities to the City of Lloydminster community and will direct the development of 2016 – 2017 budget. I am confident that moving forward it will lead to a comprehensive and responsive budget that balances the needs of our community through its emphasis on partnership, sustainability and fiscal responsibility.

Our team is passionate about creating a vibrant, world-class city and we look forward to working with our community partners, residents and all levels of government to ensure that we continue to tell our story, report on our successes and be accountable to our community.

Thank you to the great team who contributed to these plans.

2015 Corporate and Department Business Plans 

Corporate Business Plan  
Community Services
Business Services
Legislative Services
Planning and Development

Strategic Plan/Business Plan Cycle

Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
    Quarter 4 
    • Review strategic plan and establish performance agreements
    • Strategic Plan and Corporate Plan Refresh
    • Business Plan and budget submission

    • Employee Annual Performance Agreement Review & Budget Approval
    • Quarterly report to Council 
    • Report to Community
    • Quarterly report to Council
    • Quarterly Report to Council
    • Quarterly update to Council

    View the Strategic Plan 2015-2017
    • Report to Community
    • Quarterly update to Council