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Victim Services
Our Mandate
To provide crisis intervention, information, support, and referral to victims of crime and traumatic events. As a police-based program, Victim Services works in conjunction with police and community agencies to provide a variety of services.

Victim support workers are trained to respond to victims of trauma and crime incidents.

Critical Incident Stress Management Program

A team of specially trained individuals may upon request, provide Critical Incident Stress Management. This may include a CISM debriefing after a traumatic event. For more information on CISM, please call our office.

Information and Referral
Victim support workers provide information and referrals to the appropriate helping agency.

Emotional Support

Victim services support workers will listen, offer emotional support and assist the victim in the resolving of problems resulting from crime or traumatic events.

Court Preparation
If the case goes to court, the victim support worker will assist the police and the crown prosecutor's office to provide answers to any questions that might arise.

Victim Support workers are available for court orientation and if required, will accompany people to court. Victim Support workers will also ensure that the victim is informed about court dates and the result of the proceedings.

If the victim has suffered financial loss as a result of crime, they may have the right to seek restitution from the offender. Information about restitution is available from Victim Services.

Victim Impact Statement
Section 722 of the Criminal Code of Canada allows the victim the opportunity to express in writing to a judge how being a victim of crime has affected them and others.

Victim support workers are available to explain the Victim Impact Statement program.

Other Services
Victim Services are provided to the following R.C.M.P. detachment areas:
  • Lloydminster
  • Maidstone
  • Onion Lake
  • Turtleford / Thunderchild

Additional Information
For more information, please contact Program Coordinator Jennifer Hauberg.

Contact Us
Midwest Victim Services
Lloydminster RCMP Detachment
Lloydminster, AB
P: 780 808 8300

Seven days a week
8:30 am - 4:00 pm
24 hour call out by RCMP