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City Hall Park Entrance
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Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities
 The City of Lloydminster owns and operates several world-class facilities, providing our partners with a unique opportunity to showcase their brand in front of a captive audience. 

Our facilities are incredibly well attended throughout the year, bringing together locals, new residents and patrons attending events from outside Lloydminster. By keying in on specific demographics, our sales process ensures your business is showcased in the appropriate facilities to maximize your return on investment. 

We believe in community relationships and partnerships. Your advertising investment with the City of Lloydminster is a partnership we look forward to fostering for years to come. 
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Benefits of City Facility Advertising

Engaged Audience
Visitors of the City of Lloydminster spend numerous hours of time at viewing our attractions and recreation centres, extending their exposure to your advertisement. 

Ability to Target Demographics
The variety of facilities and advertising opportunities within the community allow for specialized demographic targeting based on communities, population segments, interests, city employees, age groups ext...

Strong and Varied Advertising Mediums
Advertise via wall-boards or rink-boards, print advertising, sponsorship, temporary programs, custom programs and more! 

Relaxed Environment
Getting just the right advertising campaign takes time and we will work with your to ensure your achieve the results you want. 

Convenient Billing 

Invoicing arrangements can be made that are specific to your individual business and suit your needs.

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