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What is Annexation?
Annexation is the change in jurisdiction from one municipality to another. Annexation does not change ownership rights and does not necessarily facilitate immediate development.

The overall aim is to create a more balanced economy, attract new investments and residents, maintain and expand services, and ensure a sustainable region.

The annexation process begins when one municipality initiates an annexation proposal with another municipality. The respective Provincial Authority will direct the process and ultimately makes a recommendation on the annexation to the respective Minister.

Need for Annexation:

The 2013 Comprehensive Growth Strategy shows in the past 50 years, the City of Lloydminster has had moderate to high population growth. The population will likely double over the next 30 years, along with large increases in housing, employment, services and industry. With this rate of growth, the land supply is at risk of depletion in the near future. The information provided in study provides a solid foundation to pursue annexation.

Regional Planning for Growth:

The City of Lloydminster, County of Vermilion River, Rural Municipality of Wilton and Rural Municipality of Britannia all participate in intermunicipal planning with the aim of enhancing regional cooperation and partnerships.

The Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) adopted in 2008 between the City of Lloydminster and County of Vermilion River and the Lloydminster Planning District Commission Official Community Plan (OCP) adopted in 2014 between the City and Rural Municipalities of Wilton and Britannia are inter municipal policy documents that provide cooperative framework for regional land use planning, economic development, servicing and transportation issues.

City and County Intermunicipal Development Plan - Urban Expansion Areas
Special care is taken in planning for areas next to the City. There is more potential for cost-effective development due to proximity to more services and infrastructure. These conditions are duly recognized in regional planning partnerships. Enabling urban expansion facilitates successful long-term growth with more economic opportunities, urban services and amenities. Several areas have been identified as more suitable for urban expansion.