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Property Taxes
Property tax is calculated and billed annually using the property's assessed value and the Council-approved property tax mill rate. Property taxes provide 28 percent of the City’s annual operating budget, which funds a wide range of public services including water supply/distribution, policing and protective services, street maintenance, waste management and the operation of parks, among others.

Property tax notices are mailed in May and the deadline to provide property tax payment is June 30, 2018.

Payment Options:
Property taxes can be paid through online banking. You can find the name of the payee for your City property taxes for your bank by clicking on the link above.

Pre-authorized debit payments are arranged to pre-pay property taxes for the following year.  The property taxes have to be paid off for the current year before starting a PAD agreement.

Payment can be made in person at City Hall, 4420-50 Ave., during regular business hours. After-hour payments can be made by submitting a cheque, with the tax roll number included, in the City Hall mail slot. Property owners can also pay their property taxes at their financial institution of choice. The City cannot process credit card payments, however they may be made using Plastic, a third party service provider. For more information regarding this service, view information on main Finance page.

After June 30, 2018, penalties will be applied to outstanding property taxes.

Property Tax Department Responsibilities

  • Administration of property assessments and complaint process 
  • Administration of Local Improvements and special charges 
  • Billing and Collection of property taxes
  • Tax certificates
  • Registration of liens on delinquent accounts 
  • Registration of mortgage information
  • Customer inquiries

How your assessment relates to your taxes 
Each year, Council approves the amount of revenue required to support City services. From this amount, sources of revenue other than property tax, such as business tax, license fees and provincial grants are subtracted. The balance is the amount raised by property taxes. 

 Tax rate =  City budgetary requirements
 the assessed value of Lloydminster properties

How your share of property tax is calculated
Once the yearly tax rate is approved, your individual share of property tax is calculated by multiplying your property assessment by the tax rate.

Online Property Assessment Information
Get your online property assessment HERE.

Property Tax Department Goals
Improve communication with our residents using new interactive website tools.   

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Property Taxes

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