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Cart Use Guidelines
cartsHere are a few easy tips for using your carts effectively:
Make space for your rolling waste and organics carts. Find a space either outside or perhaps in your garage for your rolling waste carts. Make sure the space is accessible and allows you easy access to your front curb. If you don't have a garage, try finding space along the side of your house, perhaps next to a back or side entry.

Learn what goes in each cart and in blue bags. Read through the Keeping it Green guide and when in doubt, call us at 780-874-3700. Make sure to help your household understand what each container is for.

How to take care of your cart

  • Store your cart away from direct sunlight
  • Rinse your organics carts weekly. You can use diluted bleach or a water-vinegar solution to minimize the odour. A small amount of laundry detergent, powdered lime or baking soda layered at the bottom of your cart can also help control odour.
  • Bag items inside the kitchen catcher with a biodegradable bag or brown paper bags.
  • You may choose to use larger paper biodegradable sacks to line your organics cart, but it is not required.

Winter curbside cart removal
To accommodate future snow removal operations, residents are asked to remove their waste and organic carts from the curb in a timely manner. Snow removal vehicles and equipment, including graders, plows and trucks, require clear streets complete snow removal operations. By removing waste and organic carts from the curb as soon as possible following collection, residents will enable City crews to manage snow removal effectively.

If your cart is damaged or stolen, please contact the Waste Services team at 780-874-3700.