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Lloydminster Utility Corporation

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1. Is this a public/private partnership (P3)?
2. Did the City consider other models?
3. Why was EPCOR identified as a strategic partner?
4. Were other partners considered?
5. Does the City have an existing agreement with EPCOR?
6. Why have no tenders or RFPs been posted with respect to the LUC?
7. How will the LUC ownership be structured?
8. What are term sheets and what role do they play in the development of the LUC?
9. Why doesn’t the City build this facility and retain full ownership?
10. Is the City using local contractors to build the new WWTP?
11. How will the LUC impact utility rates in the future?
12. What happens if the new wastewater treatment plant is not completed by the SWA’s July 2017 deadline?