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Utility Billing

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1. How do I go about applying for a water account?
2. What is a minimum utility bill?
3. How can I pay my utility bill?
4. I just bought a house in Lloydminster, do I need to contact your department?
5. How soon before I move into my house do I have to apply for water services?
6. What does MTRR mean on my bill?
7. What does MTRC mean on my bill?
8. What does RESW or COMW mean on my bill?
9. What does GARB mean on my water bill?
10. How often do we get a water bill?
11. My water bill seems high, why is that?
12. My toilet can’t be leaking because I don’t hear it or see any water on the floor, so I don’t have a leak.
13. I already have a water account but I am moving to a new house. Do I need to contact your department?
14. Why do I have to pay the $47.00 service charge?
15. I’m moving out of Lloydminster and don’t require water where I’m moving to, do I need to contact you?
16. When I set up my account, I paid a deposit, when do I get that back?
17. I didn’t have a garbage bin when I moved into my house. How do I get one?
18. I’m purchasing a revenue property and already have a water account at my residence, why do I have to pay the deposit?
19. Why can’t you get a read from my meter? Why do I have to call it in to you?
20. I need to read my meter. Where is it?
21. How do I submit my water meter read?